Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes

The Adult Ed team wants to help SCPC take tangible steps to become a more energized learning community with Biblical programs that help us to grow in faith and to understand what it means to follow Christ.

Now is the time to renew your spirit and to grow in your understanding of the Word, as well as spend time in fellowship and community.

Please plan to join us starting Sunday, September 13 at 10:00 for one of these classes. All classes have an open door policy and welcome all participants. You may join in at any time as the weekly lessons stand alone.


Parents in our post-modern world tend to be committed to, but anxious about, their child-rearing responsibilities. They have tried countless parenting books on the market telling moms and dads what to do and how to do it. Many of these are rigid, fear-based books that leave a large number of parents feeling directionless.

Now there is a grace-based solution from Dr. Tim Kimmel, founder of Family Matters ministries. Grace Based Parenting is a refreshing new book divided into two parts: the needs we are trying to meet in our children and the delivery system for how we meet them.

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Very rarely in the Bible does God command someone to “stay.” He opens a door, and then he invites us to walk through it—into the unknown. And how we choose to respond will ultimately determine the lives we will lead and the people we will become.

In this six-session video curriculum, bestselling author John Ortberg opens our eyes to the countless open doors God places before us every day, teaches us how to recognize them, and gives us the encouragement to step out in faith and embrace all of the extraordinary opportunities that await.

So go ahead—walk through that door. You just might do something that lasts for eternity.

NURSERY – Infants and toddler nursery available for Sunday school and Worship. Our full time staff caregiver is there each Sunday along with volunteers to care of our little ones.