Family Matters

Please join us for this great parenting class on Sundays mornings this fall at Swift Creek!

The class begins September 13 and runs through November 22.
If interested, please sign up with Susan Osborne at:


Parents in our post-modern world tend to be committed to, but anxious about, their child-rearing responsibilities. They have tried countless parenting books on the market telling moms and dads what to do and how to do it. Many of these are rigid, fear-based books that leave a large number of parents feeling directionless.

Now there is a grace-based solution from Dr. Tim Kimmel, founder of Family Matters ministries. Grace Based Parenting is a refreshing new book divided into two parts: the needs we are trying to meet in our children and the delivery system for how we meet them.

Kimmel recommends creating a grace-based home environment that allows children to meet their full potential, to parent children in the same way God parents us. He presents a child’s true needs – according to Scripture – and provides parents a realistic, doable way to meet them. The result – spiritually strong children who grow up with a sense of calm and a heart full of purpose and confidence.

-Find the balance point in a world of extremes
-Keep from investing your energies in a long list of things that don’t matter
-Make parenting more fun
-Liberate your children emotionally and spiritually
-Prepare your whole family for a lifetime of healthy choices and relationships-with God and with each other
-Know the best way you can meet your kids’ most basic needs-the way God meets all of ours
-Teach your child to navigate their culture, choose better friends, and make wiser choices.

Parents can expect to go away with a blueprint for building confident, courageous, and cooperative kids. Grace Based Parenting will show them a grace-based, character-driven model to nurture well- rounded and loving kids—and have a great time in the process!